Creative Photo Slideshows


Photo Video Montage Slideshows

to watch on your computer, smartphone, tablet, television, and to project at a party or event


Discover the power of YOUR photos to warm the hearts of your family and friends!

People LOVE watching videos!

It's not too late to order a custom graduation show or a Happy Mother's Day gift video!

One of our personalized videos will suit your occasion!

Choose from 2 kinds of videos

- "custom" video $2 per photo, includes photo scanning, your song choices, and a DVD. Contact me to get started.

- "template" video $1 per photo from digital photos only, with the template's included song, a link to watch it anytime and download it. Use the online Template Order Form.

Mother's Day videos

Choose the template you love the best, and I'll personalize the intro and ending to make it your very own! Follow the online instructions to complete your order.

Here are some ideas to help you use your phone photos to give Mom or Grandma a video to watch over and over all year long!

Choose from your favorite phone photos

Pick one of our templates

Complete the Template Order Form

Give the link as the gift!

You can even download the video gift!

Become one of our many happy customers who exclaim, "It's much more than I expected!"

Welcome to the comprehensive website for all your video slideshow occasions!

I use my customer's photos to create memorable videos.

Choose from a custom show or one of my templates which I'll personalize for you.

Or ask for a custom show based on a template's theme.

$2 per photo for a custom video

$1 per photo for a template video

Three women in living room watching television



   - contact Carole by phone or email

   - find contact info at bottom of every web page


   - use the online Template order form

Here's info to help you choose between a "custom" or "template" photo video show.

CUSTOM Photo Shows

$2 per photo


- all your photos aren't already digital

- you want me to scan your prints

- you want your own choice of music

- you want any number of photos

- you want your photos in a specific order

- you want any video length


- online preview and revisions

- additional text at $1 per caption

- DVD in personalized DVD case or video file on thumb drive

- usually cannot be posted on social media due to music copyrights

- you usually come here for in-person appointment

- but can also create a custom show if you can send us all photos and instructions

TEMPLATE Photo Shows

- all photos are emailed to us

- digital photos only

- same song as template

- same # of photos

- same length

- limited amount of choosing photo order

- personalized intro and ending text

- watch video on Internet or

- download video

- can be posted online anywhere

- pay online when ordering

- receive link to show via email

- no charge for music

- $1 per photo

Why Photo Video Slideshows?

Watch on all your devices and tv!

- to entertain guests at a party

to give as an unforgettable  gift

- to share online

- to enjoy the story that your photos tell

- to preserve memories

- to reminisce

- for all occasions, personal or business

Why our custom photo shows are so well loved!

- They don't look like a DIY project!

- They bring out the emotions from the photos!

- People want to watch them over and over!

How Did You Live Without It?

You'll love having a new way to enjoy your photos! Get your photos out of their albums, shoeboxes, cameras, and phones! Make some choice selections and put them in a new order to tell their story.You'll be astonished by the amazing impact of a moving video slideshow! From photos to DVD, or to a video file you can put online to share. You'll want to document and preserve all the stories of your life!

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