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To view on your computer, smartphone, tablet, television, or at a party or event


Welcome to the comprehensive website for all your video slideshow occasions!

I use my customer's still photos and optional video clips to create memorable videos.

Choose from a custom show or one of my templates which I'll personalize for you.

(You can ask for a custom show based on a template's theme.)

$2 per photo for a custom video

$1 per photo for a template video

Here's important info to help you choose between a "custom" or "template" photo video show.

CUSTOM Photo Shows $2 per photo or video clip

Order a Custom show if

- all your photos aren't digital

- you want me to scan your prints

- you want your own choice of songs

- you want any number of photos

- you want your photos in a specific order

- you want any video length

AND you get

- online preview and revisions

- additional text at $1 per caption

- DVD in a personalized DVD case or video file on a USB thumb drive

- ability to download the video from my website

- ability to stream video anytime from my website


- the video usually cannot be posted on social media due to music copyrights

- you usually come here for an in-person appointment

- but you can also order a custom show if you can send us all photos in a digital format and instructions

Three women in living room watching television

TEMPLATE Photo Shows $1 per still photo

Order a Template show when

- all your photos are digital

- all photos are emailed to us


- same # of photos as in the template

- same video length as the template

- same song as in the template

- no charge for music


- specify your personalized intro and ending text

- write instructions for the photos' order of appearance

- pay online with credit card

- the receive link to show via email


- watch video on Internet on your devices

- can download video

- can post it online anywhere



   - contact Carole by phone or email

   - find contact info at bottom of every web page


   - use the online Template order form

Why Photo Video Slideshows?

Watch on all your devices and tv!

- to entertain guests at a party

to give as an unforgettable  gift

- to share online

- to enjoy the story that your photos tell

- to preserve memories

- to reminisce

- for all occasions, personal or business

Why our custom photo shows are so well loved!

- They don't look like a DIY project!

- They bring out the emotions from the photos!

- People want to watch them over and over!

How Did You Live Without It?

You'll love having a new way to enjoy your photos! Get your photos out of their albums, shoeboxes, cameras, and phones! Make some choice selections and put them in a new order to tell their story.You'll be astonished by the amazing impact of a moving video slideshow! From photos to DVD, or to a video file you can put online to share. You'll want to document and preserve all the stories of your life!

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